Tapping The Marvellous!

An artist with a powerful sense of vision

        Born in 1960, Derek Philip Monteiro was studying for an MSc Physics degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay when the call of art beckoned early in life and he bid farewell to a career in physics, to pursue his first love -- art. With no formal training in the arts, he has long been active scribbling, drawing, painting and writing away. A self taught artist, he spent a lot of time at the wood, metal, lathe, welding workshops and at the IDC Industrial Design Centre on the IIT Campus, Powai. So, here is an artist with a powerful sense of vision. Derek is completely at ease with a variety of colour media, including oils, acrylics, oil pastels, glass paints, ink, and multi-media collages. Intuitively, he accepts reality as metaphysical and expresses artistic ideas using optical illusion as a basis. He describes his art as "Tapping the Marvellous".

        The Mumbai based artist has a fine track record built over the last two and a half decades. He has exhibited his art in Mumbai, Goa and U.K. and his paintings are all over the globe. A unique intelligence and originality shines through his paintings. He's held 17 exhibitions in all and they have all been characteristic of these qualities. Derek is one artist who has blended innovation with hard work and come up with stellar displays of acute sensitivity to his inner vision. A highly talented artist, Derek Monteiro, has a unique sense of satirical humour. Matching this is his exotic style of painting, design and colour.

        Derek is also a musician and poet. He has two albums to his credit: The Mystical Journey -- The Little Giggle Ashram, and Santa Comes To Clown -- The Little Giggle Mafia, a satirical rendition of Christmas Carols. Any attempt to interpret Derek's art/music would be irreparable, so we would like to share the artist's own musings.

"It is natural for man to love beauty, since beauty, deep within is his essence. Beauty is that which delights the human self; for in contemplating it, the self returns as it were, from the far country, back home to where it truly belongs. The purpose of art may be described as the pursuit, interpretation and expression in the external human world, of that inner beauty which is essentially the intangible, invisible, ideal and which all artists desire or should desire."

Tapping The Marvellous

(Personal views on ART)

I'm constantly being asked to explain my paintings, etc. Quite honestly I don't know what to say or where to begin?

What is my Philosophy? I KAN'T Say -- I DON'T THINK, therefore I AM....& everything turns out just fine. What do I believe? I believe a picture should speak a thousand words and that elephants should fly, gold fish should tap dance and that the moon is a rolled up bear! DON'T DISTURB HIM by landing on his tummy at noon.

ART? Is experience! A painting has to be experienced. My concerns are ONLY PICTORIAL. That means that I'm least concerned about subject matter, slickness, ideographical, ideological or conceptual approaches.

ART is a language to express the Intangible.... Line, form, colour are the elements as any 5 watt Tubelight will tell you.... All the elements coming together, creating an illusion of space on a 2-D surface. The goal? An aesthetic experience! HOW MARVELLOUS!! Andre Breton (who is this surrealistic dude?) loved this word MARVELLOUS -- I liked the sound of it, too, so I use it to explain the SOURCE from where I ABSTRACT (draw all my inspiration & perspiration ) FROM....

ARTISTS (from my MULTI-PERSPECTIVE point of view) are NOT CREATORS only Stenographers -- taking down what they receive and conveying it, hopefully effectively!!!

What is all this I'm talking .... whimsical, absurd, magical titles are what I give my paintings. One has to feed the intellect (the monkey mind) some bananas to divert it, keep it on hold or occupy it and thus the child within all of us is set free to enjoy and experience a painting! I must admit that the reason, I title my paintings so absurdly, is becos I'm annoyed! -- I didn't get 2 Litres of sunshine, this monsoon. The rationing officer just smiled... Help yourself, to all the rice, sugar and toilet paper, u need -- it's FREE! .... BUT SUNLIGHT? ...that's gonna cost u! We've already sold the RAINBOW to a rich beggar down the street.


A good painting is a gift, which keeps on giving & giving & giving...

THAT'S ALL!! Did I forget anything? See? I tried my best to explain myself. Here I must confess that all the ALPHABET soup, I happily ingested as a child (I wanted an education) helped me pick up a few letters here and there.... Many slipped away!!!! All the ZZZ's too even though I was trying to sleep! WHO is this guy PAUL KLEE? Fortunately the DNA micro camera implanted in my .... (I'm too embarrassed to disclose the location) recorded all the words and sentences INTACT as they happily passed by ....

"The heart that beat for this world has been almost extinguished in me. It is as though my bond with these things were memory.... One relinquishes this world and builds into a region beyond, a region which can be all AFFIRMATION!!!!"

Copyright © Derek Philip Monteiro