Tapping The Marvellous!
I will praise Thee O Lord & show forth All Thy Marvellous works!

Quirky Fabric Fables

Collages of Fabric Fragments on Mountboard

Dimensions of each artwork:
10.5 inches x 13.5 inches / 13.5 inches x 10.5 inches

Marie - St. Claire

Little Russian girl Anna reinvented

Zulu King Mook Bong Choo

Polka-dotted African Mama

Miss MAC The Knife

Wide-eyed in The Middle East

Pot-Bellied Hunchback of
Horizontal Stripes

Sexy Plump Taxi Mama

Old Mother Hubbard emerges Blue
& Crumpled from her Cupboard


Comfort Food - Wrapped
Cozy Pomfret

Disco Turtle bravely swims
across the Red Sea

Ave Maria

Blue Worshippers of
The Oblong Orange Moon

Tortoise Puppets

Dopey, one of the 7 dwarfs,
in disguise searching for
Snow-White in the Middle-East

Bored Barber abandons customer
and elopes with a flower
up the Ladder of Dreams

Hair-raising act !
Chinese zen-master
manipulates green student

I warned u about green apples
with a mustache.. see, u've turned blue laying baby dinosaur eggs

OK, ok, don't get mad.. here's a slice
of the moon dipped in tumeric
to lighten u'r black mood

Kiss my fingertip
n play me some blues

HELP ! Call 911 please ! There's a
Pink Pussycat stuck in my Bum

No ! Not now i'm bathing
in ULTRA-Violet Light !

Genetically tweaked
Red_Square nosed Butterfly

NOSeY Woodpecker peers out
over Pink Panties

Cowboy Turtle reaches
for the Skies

Hello Dolly !

Flight Lesson No.1 - Just spread u'r arms n take to the skies

Romance of the
Mermaid and Chameleon
cut from the same fabric

Stay away from me, u green devil with an orange heart n wings

I can see u're blossoming..
u'r stamens are showing

Hey Good Luking GREEN !

Flower-power mama
hypnotizes red birdie

Madame Butterfly

Masked Kathak Karma Cola

Krypton Kouple lovingly brood
over their Grey Egg Kid

Optical Illusion Tortoise Chameleon

Goldi, the elephant
in his party skirt ! !

Under the same orange sun,
i dance a jig to see a pink bird
turn green at its wingtips..

Why is Goldilocks hiding in Plump Red_Riding Hood's pajamas

Red zip-lipped croc snatches apple from eve, clothed in black

Watch n see, It's so easy
to Catch the sun

I've got a blue-chip
on my shoulder...

The Electric techno-Blue
curtain over my Eye-Balls
blocks the Light

Sitting on The Fence is not safe....
You might get prodded
in the rear

Dimensions of each artwork:
10.5 inches x 13.5 inches / 13.5 inches x 10.5 inches

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Copyright © Derek Philip Monteiro