Tapping The Marvellous!
I will praise Thee O Lord & show forth All Thy Marvellous works!

Year 2020

SPELLBOUND! The Hypnotic Hip-Hop Lollipop THOUGHT-Washing Machine!

Stay Safe! Cast your Fears into The Dainty Hip-Hop LolliPoP THOUGHT-Washing Machine, Spin-Dry your Tears and emerge Refreshed!
Don't Satanize the Virus but Sanitize your Thinking and you'll be just fine!

Dimensions of each individual painting: H 22.5 inches x W 30.5 inches

Post-Cards from Under-the-Sea TITANIC Antiseptic SUBMARINE Cruises...

ESCAPE from the monotony on Shore! Take a TRIP Under-the-Sea!
Take REFUGE from all Lock-Down Woes & PANdamnit, COVidiotic Fears!

Dimensions of each individual painting: H 20 inches x W 30 inches

Lipstick Stains on your AURA betrayed & told the tale on you...

Imprisoned behind Bar-Codes, A Holographic WANTED Gallery of AURA Mugshots of Romantic Rogues!
Lipstick-stained AURA Mugshots locked-up behind BAR-Codes and securely stored as High-Res JPeg files,within the Interpol PRISM Vault Database for future reference....
Their AURA Mugshots reveal that the Lipstick stains on their distinctive Auras betrayed their roving eyes and sly ways..... their AURAS got restrained and confined behind Bar-Codes!!

Dimensions of each individual painting: H 30.5 inches x W 22.5 inches

The Crypto-Cryptic GREEK Psychedelic STAMP Collection!

Albert Hofmann a Swiss chemist, was the first known person who discovered the psychedelic effects of LySergic acid Diethylamide (LSD)
A liquid solution of the LSD drug is soaked into blotting paper, which is then perforated into individual doses like “tiny Postage STAMPS” and artfully decorated with what is known as BLOTTER ART!
The letters of The Greek Alphabet are utilized as “symbols” & basically constitute the “language” of modern Theoretical Physics in the intricate & complex mathematical equations used, especially in Quantum Mechanics, etc. rather cryptic greek, no?
....After I’d arranged the individual paintings in a grid on the computer screen, they did look like miniature, psychedelic Postage STAMPS which perhaps could get one Mentally TRIPPING and also Visually HIGH!
Also Cryptocurrency or Crypto, is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually.
Now, NFT stands for a non-fungible token, and in ART means that hidden in those quirky artworks, there's a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data, to establish proof of ownership and each STAMP can thus be valued in terms of NFTs.
Combining all the above ideas I arrived at the title:
The Crypto-Cryptic GREEK Psychedelic STAMP Collection!

Dimensions of each individual painting: H 22.5 inches x W 30.5 inches

Zodiac QR-CODES unlock the ZOOM Windows of Perception!

(Doors of Perception - This metaphor was used to represent William Blake's feelings about mankind's limited perception of the reality around them: If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, INFINITE!)
Instead of Doors of Perception, I’ve named this collection of paintings, WINDOWS of PERCEPTION that open out onto limitless, infinite vistas of the Astral Immensity of the Cosmos...
The Zodiac QR-Codes are the KEYS which UNLOCK the Zip-Zap ZOOM Zodiac WINDOWS!!!

Dimensions of each individual painting: H 22.5 inches x W 30.5 inches

Think INSIDE The Box!
Acrylic on coloured Handmade paper
Close your Eyes, Connect the Polka Dots and stay safely GRID-Locked and ensconced within and diligently & metaphysically work out your Escape Plan.
Tiny Signal Lights at the Junctions of the Nervous System regulate Adrenalin and Dopamine traffic as Miniscule Virus Vehicles overloaded with Hurt Feelings & Bruised Egos, cruise down ARTERY Avenues, looking in VEIN for Sesame Street and Redemption in the OUTER scene.....
The Kingdom is WITHIN you, Ancient Mystic Voices whisper....

Dimensions of each individual painting: H 22.5 inches x W 30.5 inches

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