Tapping The Marvellous!
I will praise Thee O Lord & show forth All Thy Marvellous works!

Year 2021

Stitching together the Scattered Fragments of the Fabric of Disrupted, Interrupted lives...

At a Clandestine, Underground Fabric Clinic,
A compassionate Tailor is secretly mending Broken Dreams,
Tattered Hopes & ripped-up TORN future plans...

Mixed Media Collages on coloured paper
(Acrylic, torn pieces of FELT and art card paper, Oil Pastels)

(30 inches x 19.5 inches each)

Frank & Einstein's Clone Factory

Funky Fruity Flower SALAD
for the Famished Migrant SOUL!

Collages : Cut-outs on coloured FELT-paper

(28 inches x 18 inches each)


WANTED –Dead or Alive!
Have you seen these Three-Eyed FLAT faces anywhere?

In a scintillating, spectrometric, incandescent, incident, Convicted COLOURS confined and being transported in a Tubular Laser Beam, travelling at the speed of light, crashes into a high-security PRISM and scatters, helter-skelter into multi-coloured DOTS...

As the spectral dust began to settle, the DOTS surreptitiously began stretching elastically out into LINES which crystallised into 3-Eyed Flat Faces, spread out over undisclosed Handmade Coloured Paper fields...

Pebeo Police and Camlin Crime Reporters arrived immediately at the Creative Crash site!

HUE’s to say what really happened? they nonchalantly shrugged their shoulders and drifted away into obscurity...

Acrylic on Coloured Handmade paper

(22.5 inches x 30.5 inches each)

Voodoo Zulu Incantations

Collages - Coloured Cut-outs on Fluorescent Paper

(20 inches x 30 inches each)

Copyright © Derek Philip Monteiro