Tapping The Marvellous!
I will praise Thee O Lord & show forth All Thy Marvellous works!

Zen Fairy Tales

An Eager EGG-static SUN Scrambles over A Sleepy Yawning BERMUDA Quadrangle...

Are the rumors about the Bermuda Triangle true?
Is there something going on in that patch of the Atlantic Ocean that is supernatural?
(The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is an urban legend focused on a loosely-defined region in the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances)
Morning has Broken brightly over a partially submerged FUN-tastic Cryogenic Farm off the coast of a Spooky Island in the South Pacific Ocean, a suspected Haven for Contraband Dream_Smugglers.
A comatose Cock feeling rather cerulean BLUE, surfaces from his deep slumber & mutedly crows –
WATCH OUT! Here comes the Sun!
All Underwater creatures grudgingly STIR back to life and that genetically Cloned Crab defensively, raises his Pincers in Sweet Surrender to the Dawn! (2018)

Paint Roller brush, brushes, Pebeo Studio acrylics on canvas

Height/Width/Depth : 42 x 72 x 0 in

The Earthly Circus packs-up and returns to Mars! Men are from Mars, no?

One fine day in May, Two Agile, Juvenile Acrobats catapult & escape from their Family Circus on Earth, and deftly land up on the Planet Mars. The intense Red radiation there causes them to translucently Glow. ...Hey bro, said one to the other, Who’s Still gnawing at the Insides of you? C’mon, Don’t be Blue... Don’t Talk! let’s just do the Moon WALK! Some Cosmic Alien Debris, Floating, Cactus Forks have already hit the Dance Floor! (2018)

Paint roller ,brushes, Pebeo Studio acrylics on Mona Lisa canvas

Height/Width/Depth : 42 x 63 x 0 in

Even quietly munching on Pretty Pink Candy Floss can land you in Sticky situations!

Barbie Girl, MOLLIE, wrapped in pink Candy Floss, stumbles upon a plump Baby BaNaNaSaurus_ReX lazing in her Bedroom’s Rectangular Jacuzzi Bathtub ! Her pet Octopus, Goldie is pissed-off and swiftly Periscopes_UP his Proctalgic_Antenna, Optically signals and Frantically summons his Three Trusted Amigo_Flamingo, Funky Fighter Fish Friends! Dainty Trouble, in prehistoric Disguise has craftily intruded into Mollie’s private Paradise... (2018)

Paint roller and brush, Pebeo Studio acrylic paints on canvas

Height/Width/Depth : 42 x 63 x 0 in

Damn it! W.H.O. the Hell switched-off the Air-Conditioning?

Deep in the Flaming Forest, secretly gathered around a Clandestine Bonfire, are Marshmallow members of an Obtuse, Medulla Oblongata Hitch-Hikers’ Club, to discuss and debate Global Warming! The Burning question eventually arose – Hue the Hell started the fire? (2018)

Household Paint Roller and brushes, Pebeo Studio Acrylic paints on canvas

Height/Width/Depth : 42 x 63 x 0 in

How Deep is your Love? Hopefully, not just 6 feet UNDER?

In an Obscure, Concealed Underwater Cave, A Self-styled Guru entangled in a Pink Bubble-Gum robe and his faithful Blobs of Protoplasm light-heartedly float around and joke about all the sincere, yet Futile Attempts at resolving Universal Unrest! Let us all Drown in Peace, they finally concluded was the perfect Final solution! (2018)

House-hold paint roller, brushes and Pebeo Studio acrylic paints on canvas

Height/Width/Depth : 42 x 63 x 0 in

An Optical-Illusion Mission Vision Impossible!

After Midnite, RAPUNZEL, a Silver-haired Cyclops Girl and her Quaint Search Party, gingerly traipse thru An Enchanted, Fluorescent Forest looking for her misplaced EGO…oops! her missing Eye-Ball! Surely an Optical Illusion - Mission Impossible? (2018)

Household paint roller, brushes, Pebeo Studio acrylic paints on canvas

Height/Width/Depth : 42 x 63 x 0 in

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